Version 01.06.2022

Rules changes

Rule changes are noted here.

01.06.2022 Manager
[...] maximum limit of six players.

1 General

1.1 Definitions

1.1.1 Competition

"Kia LoL Series" ("Competition") is an Esports tournament. Only persons who reside in the respective country of the Regional Qualifier may participate (see Player).

1.1.2 Organizer

Kia Corporation South Korea is the organizer of the competition.

1.1.3 Natural Persons

A natural person is an individual in his or her role as a legal entity, i.e., as a bearer of rights and obligations.

1.1.4 Match

A match refers to a single contest in a tournament between two teams and may consist of several games.

1.1.5 Game

A match is played between two teams and ends when one team destroys the nexus of the opposing team.

1.1.6 Best-of-x

A Best-of-X is a match that has X games and in which the team that wins the most games wins. Once a team has won the required number of games, the Best-of-X ends. For example, a team that wins the first two games in a best-of-3 is the immediate winner of the match.

1.2 Participants

1.2.1 Organization

The organization includes all natural persons who organize the competition. These are excluded from participation in the competition. Tournament management

The tournament management is responsible for the course of the competition and is available for all questions. The tournament management consists of :

  • Marc "Cark" Milles
  • Markus "Enrico Pallazzo" Dücker Referees

Referees are natural persons authorized by the organization to supervise the observance and implementation of these rules.
The referees can be reached via the official Discord server.

1.2.2 Participants Players

Any natural person of legal age (18 years or older), residing in the respective country of the Regional Qualifier may participate in the competition. From the moment of registration for the competition, this person is designated as a player and associated with his/her registered account. The player must ensure that his/her account is always ready for use. The use of another account is excluded. If a registered account is blocked by Riot Games during the season and is therefore not operational, the associated player will be excluded from all competitions until the account is unblocked by Riot Games.
In case of particularly serious reasons or repeated suspensions, the tournament management reserves the right to suspend the player for a longer period of time.
Persons that are players or substitutes in organizations that compete in the LEC or a European Regional League ERL) are not allowed to participate
A player may only be registered in one team. Team

  1. A team consists of up to six, but at least five players. In addition to the five active players, one substitute may be added, who are named as substitute in addition to their player status.
  2. Active players are those who are used in the game.
  3. One of the players acts as the captain of the team. Captain

The captain is one of the players and acts as the team's contact person for the organization. He/she has to receive the messages from the organization. He/she is responsible for ensuring that his/her team follows he instructions of the organization. Manager

The rights and duties of the captain may also be assumed by a registered, non-playing natural person; this person will henceforth be referred to as the manager. This person shall not be counted towards the maximum limit of six players. Inappropriate team and player names

If we notice an inappropriate player or team name, participants will usually be warned and asked to change their name. In addition, you can always report to if you feel offended by a name or think it is inappropriate.
Here is a rough list of what we consider inappropriate:

  • Names that suggest hate speech, profanity, or obscenity either implicitly or explicitly
  • Names that suggest historical, ethical, or politically inappropriate contexts
  • Names that contain insults, grotesque images, and strong vulgarity

Player and team names can be warned by us at any time and must be changed afterwards. In case of violation of rules or non-compliance with these requirements, we reserve the right to disqualify the player or team. Individual decisions will be made by the tournament management and are binding for all participants.

1.3 Validity

Should individual provisions of these rules be or become invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining rules. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision whose effects come as close as possible to the objective pursued by the invalid or unenforceable provision.

1.4 Rule changes

The tournament management reserves the right to change or extend the rules in urgent cases. Short-term changes will be communicated to the teams.

1.5 Not defined rules

If problems occur during the competition, which are not defined in the rules, the tournament management will decide.

1.6 Unforeseeable exceptional cases

In unforeseeable exceptional cases, the tournament management reserves the right to suspend parts of the rules, whose application would make the proper continuation of the competition considerably more difficult or impossible for all participants (as defined in 1.2).

1.7 Basic obligations

By participating in the competition, all participants accept these rules and undertake to follow the instructions of the referees and the organization.
The interpretation of the rules is solely at the discretion of the referees, the organization and, as the highest authority, the tournament management. Such discretionary decisions can replace the following rules if they are in accordance with the preservation of the spirit of competition.
Violations of the rules will be penalized and can lead to disqualification in the worst case.

Reason 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense
Participation of a player who is not registered on the roster Match Forfeit Match Forfeit Tournament Suspension
Connection Loss for more than 15 minutes Match Forfeit Match Forfeit Tournament Suspension
Exploitation of ingame bugs or glitches Match Forfeit Tournament Suspension
Failure to comply with organizer and/or tournament administration instructions Warning Match Forfeit Tournament Suspension
Other Rule Violations In cause of other rule violations the tournament administration has the sole authority to decide for a penalty on the given case

1.7.1 Conduct

Every player has to show due respect to other players, referees and the organization. Insults, unfair and/or disrespectful behavior towards players, referees and the organization will not be tolerated.

1.7.2 Version of the game

Every player must have the latest version of "League of Legends" installed and must ensure that he/she is informed about new updates in good time and that he/she installs them on his/her system. The current version of the game
Patching is not a valid justification for delaying a game under normal circumstances. The most current version may not be altered by patches or third party programs and so on, except as permitted by these rules and regulations.
If any champions or runes have bugs on a specific patch, usage of them cab be restricted upon tournament administrations decision. Those decision will be publicly announced on the Discord server and are to be strictly followed by all teams.

1.7.3 Privacy

All participants agree to the publication of data (e.g. player names, team logos and similar) on the website. The same applies to the tournament platform, social media channels and comparable channels. Furthermore, the Kia privacy policy can be viewed at:

The data protection provisions published by toornament, which can be accessed at, provide information on the collection, processing and use of personal data by toornament.

The data protection provisions published by Discord, which can be accessed at, provide information on the collection, processing and use of personal data by Discord.

1.7.4 Public appearance / player and team names / sponsors

All teams are responsible for ensuring that their sponsors, player and team names, logos and public appearance do not violate applicable laws, third party rights or common decency, especially sportsmanship.

1.7.5 Cheating

The terms of use of Riot Games apply. In addition, the sharing of the game account, bribery and any collusion to distort competition are prohibited in particular.

1.8 Communication

The competition-relevant communication between the tournament management and the participants takes place on the Discord server in the corresponding text channels or via mail to

1.9 Registration

To register for the tournaments, teams have to log in and submit a registration via the tournament platform You can find the competition pages via the following links:
The information page shows when registration is possible and the "Sign Up" field will take you to the registration form. In case of any problems with the registration, please contact one of the admins on our Discord server or via mail to
All teams and their players have to fill in the registration form truthfully. False and/or incomplete information can lead to the inadmissibility of the registration of the team in the competition or to the exclusion.

2 The tournament

2.1 Dates

All dates are recorded in writing and can be viewed here. Furthermore, they can be viewed on the tournament platform.

  • Malta:
    • Application Period: 5/30/2022 – 6/12/2022
    • Qualifiers: 6/18/2022 - 6/19/2022
    • Semifinal / Final: 6/25/2022 - 6/26/2022
  • Portugal:
    • Application Period: 6/20/2022 – 7/03/2022
    • Qualifiers: 7/09/2022 - 7/10/2022
    • Semifinal / Final: 7/16/2022 - 7/17/2022
  • Germany:
    • Application Period: 7/04/2022 – 7/17/2022
    • Qualifiers: 7/23/2022 - 7/24/2022
    • Semifinal / Final: 7/30/2022 - 7/31/2022
  • France:
    • Application Period: 7/18/2022 - 7/31/2022
    • Qualifiers: 8/06/2022 - 8/07/2022
    • Semifinal / Final: 8/20/2022 - 8/21/2022
  • Playoffs:
    • Semifinals: 9/03/2022 – 9/04/2022
    • Final: 10/01/2022

All tournament brackets will be publicly visible on Toornament at least 24 hours before the start of the first round of the respective bracket. Teams have to follow the dates and times published in the tournament bracket as close as possible and rescheduling of a match is not possible unless discussed with and approved by the tournament administration.

2.2 "Tournament Platform: "Toornament"

The organization uses the platform for the implementation of the game operation and the organization of tournaments.

2.2.1 Tasks of the captains

The captains of the teams are required to create an account on this site, which is provided with the same e-mail address that is submitted for league registration. The "My Tournaments" functions can be used to look up all the information about the teams in the current game.

2.2.2 Organization

The organization is bound to the technical limits and rules of "Toornament". Toornament itself does not influence the tournament operation and does not replace any of the rules contained in this document.

2.2.3 Tournament Code

For each game a Tournament Code is generated, which can be viewed via Toornament. This code is needed in the LoL client to open the game day lobby. To do this, the code is entered via the "Play" button in the upper right corner after clicking on the trophy. A detailed instruction on how to use the Tournament code can be found in the player handbook.
If you can't use the code, you have to follow this procedure:

  1. create a custom lobby with the following settings:
    • game type: tournament draft
    • allow spectator: all
    • map: summoners rift
  2. Afterwards you have to send a screenshot of the pre-game lobby and the score screens to one of the admins on our Discord server or via mail to

2.3 Competition structure

2.3.1 Structure

The competition consists of Regional Qualifiers and a Final Round. There is one Regional Qualifier each for Malta, Portugal, Germany and France. Each qualifier consists of a maximum of 128 teams and will be played online in a single-elimination-format within the following tournament structure:

  • Round of 128 - Best of 1
  • Round of 64 - Best of 1
  • Round of 32 - Best of 3
  • Round of 16 - Best of 3
  • Round of 8 - Best of 3
  • Round of 4 - Best of 5
  • Round of 2 - Best of 5

The winners of the regional qualifiers will compete in the final round in a single-elimination-format Bo5 (best of five). The semifinals will be played online and the finals offline in the LEC studios in Berlin ( Am Studio 20D, 12489 Berlin, Germany)
Teams participating in the offline-finals need to bring their own Keyboard, Mouse and Mousepad. Optionally they can bring a Headset.

2.3.2 Elimination of a Team

If a team withdraws from the regular tournament, all future matches will be scored for the opponent. Matches already played will retain their value.

2.4 Prizes

For the tournament, prizes depending on the result of the team will be awarded as stated below:

Kia LoL Series - Prize Distribution (per Player)
All Participants Masterwork Chest & Key
Regional Top 16 Summoner Icon & Ward Skin
Regional Semifinals Pantheon Skin & Champion Bundle
Regional Winners LEC Merch Package
Grand Finalists Full Offline Finals Hospitality Program

Teams / Players are only eligible to receive heir prize when they have actively completed the respective tournament round. Not showing up to the match does not count as completion of the tournament round.

2.5 Team formation

During the registration phase, the team must submit their team lineup with the registration. At any time, the teams must be set up according to the rules (1.2.2).

2.5.1 Summoner Name changes

All players must use the same Summoner name in the game at every stage of the competition.

2.6 Offline Event

Teams that qualify for the regional final in Malta must be eligible to travel to the location of the final in the case the regional final is held within an on-site event. Travel cost to regional finals must be covered by the teams.

Teams that qualify for the grand final must be eligible to travel to Berlin, Germany. Travel cost to the Grand Finals will be covered by the tournament organization.

3 Procedure of a match

3.1 Before the match starts

3.1.1 Missing or not working code

If the Tournament Code is not available at the start of the match or game, a private game must be created (see 2.2.3).

3.1.2 Failure to appear

If a team does not show up completely in the lobby of the first match 15 minutes after the official start of the match, this match will be counted as a win for the other team. The other team must send a screenshot showing the lobby as well as the current time of the atomic clock to an admin on Discord or via mail to
This only accounts for delays players or teams are responsible by themselves and not for delays that may be caused by the natural procedure of the tournament brackets.

3.1.3 Spectators

For games that are not streamed, natural persons have the possibility to attend the game. Both teams have to give their permission to allow spectators in the lobby before each match. In case one team does not agree, no spectators in the lobby are allowed.

3.2 Side selection

3.2.1 Best-of-1

The right of side voting is decided by coin toss.

3.2.2 Best-of-2

Each team plays once on the left and once on the right side. The team named first on toornament may choose the side in the first game.

3.2.3 Best-of-3 / Best-of-5

In the first game of each match, the team named first on Toornament may choose the side. The right to choose a side goes to the losing team of the preceding match for each subsequent match.

3.3 Pick and Bans

The champion pool includes all the champions selectable in the "tournament draft" mode. Every tournament lobby must use the tournament draft setting These may change during the course of the tournament."
So-called placeholders are not allowed.
If an incorrect champion is selected or banned, the team must let the opponent know before the opposing team confirms their next selection. The champion selection phase will be repeated until the time before the mistake happens with the same selections and bans.
20 seconds before the end of the pick and ban phase, no more champions may be swapped between players. If champions are traded during the last 20 seconds, the champion selection phase will be repeated with the same picks and bans.
If a team has too few champions to play the pick and ban phase optimally, a draft tool like "Prodraft" can be used. Using a draft tool has to be agreed on by both teams before the start of the match.

3.4 Remake

If a lobby has to be remade due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. a lobby crashes or a fatal bug occurs), all teams must select the same heroes, mastery pages and summoner spells as before.
Tournament administration must be contacted in any case before a remake is made.

3.5 Breaks

Exclusively in case of connection problems, a game can be paused by typing "/pause" in the chat. Each team is entitled to a total pause time of 15 minutes per game. If a team exceeds this time, the match will be considered a win for the other team.
The general process for a pause should look like this:

  1. Situation occurs - the game cannot proceed normally, such as malfunction of PC and equipment, and ping issues during the game
  2. Pause (Enter /pause in the chat)
  3. Communicate the reason for pausing to the opponent and tournament managers
  4. Solve issues and check whether the game can be proceeded again
  5. Let opponents and tournament managers know the game will be continued
  6. Release the pause after confirming the opponent team and tournament managers (enter /resume in the chat)
  7. Continuation of the game

3.6 Between games of a match

After each match, Captains should take a screenshot of the result screen to document the outcome of the match later, if necessary.

3.6.1 Substitutes

Between two games within a match, a maximum of one player from the active team line-up may be replaced with a substitute.

3.6.2 Break time

During a match, both teams have 15 minutes to join the lobby for the second (or following) game(s). If one of the two teams does not reappear in the lobby in time, the regulation of 3.1.2 applies accordingly.

3.7 After the match

It is the responsibility of the Captains to enter the match result for their team in Toornament. If the result does not match, a complaint must be sent to an admin on Discord or via mail to
Furthermore, each team must upload a screenshot of each result screen when entering the result on Toornament. These screenshots can be uploaded on Toornament under "My Matches" -> "Reporting" -> "Proof of Results".

3.8 Protests

In any case you should try to contact the tournament management or a referee before the match is played (see
Matters that are known before the start of a match must be protested before the start of the match, otherwise the right to protest is forfeited.
In case of irregularities during or after the match, a protest must be filed after the match the irregularities occurred in ended or immediately after a team becomes aware of those, otherwise this right of protest expires.
Especially in the case of a protest, the usual forms of behavior and netiquette apply.

4 Special regulations stream

4.1 General

During the competition, selected matches will be streamed on the organizer's Twitch channel. Special rules apply to streamed matches.

4.2 Streamed matches

With the registration to the Kia LoL Series, all teams agree to the possibility of being livestreamed during any stage of the tournament. Matches that are officially streamed by the tournament administration cannot be streamed by any other player or team. Tournament Administration will inform the teams via Discord about the streamed matches. Teams are responsible to check if their match is going to be streamed.

4.3 Lobby

Streamed matches are managed by the stream (in the sense of At the beginning of each match the stream joins the spectator slots of the lobby. Other natural persons are not allowed to join these matches via the spectator slots. However, they may continue to watch via the "Watch" feature available in the client.
Streamed matches may only be started after confirmation of the stream. In particular, this means that matches preceded by another match must wait for the stream.

4.3.1 Timely attendance

In order for the broadcast to run smoothly, players are required to arrive on time for their match.
For matches that follow another match, players must be ready early. This is especially the case for Bo3 and Bo5 series to avoid idle time in the broadcast. Appropriate information will be announced in time, if necessary.

4.3.2 Sorting the lobby

All teams are asked to sort themselves according to their roles (in the order Top, Jungle, Mid, Bot, Support) if possible.

4.4 Stream behavior

All players involved in a streamed game are encouraged not to comment prematurely on the end of their games, especially in Twitch chat.

4.5 Third-party streaming

Players and Teams are allowed to stream their matches after getting confirmation from the tournament administration. To receive confirmation they have to provide following information:

  • Streaming platform
  • Streaming channel
  • Streaming Time & Date

Above stated information has to be send to a tournament administrator via Discord or via mail to
Third-Party-Streams strictly have to follow the rules of appearance stated under 1.7.4.

5 Legal process

The recourse to take legal action is excluded for any decisions of the Tournament Organizer or the Tournament Management.